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Battle jar: resolving arguments since the dawn of time

A web series created by Montreal actors/filmmakers Jen Viens, Jean Bernard, Alex Gravenstein and Kenny Wong. Inspired by a dream where arguments were resolved with Super Smash a world where the game was set up on every street corner.
The world is comprised of so much war, violence and arguments, but what if we lived in a world where these arguments were resolved with...pillow fights? Super Smash Bros? Chugging Irish Carbombs? What if the winner of these unorthodox battles wins the arguments NO MATTER WHAT?

Watch Season 1 HERE

Love, Sylvia

Love, Sylvia is 12-minute fantasy film about a recluse who receives a magical postcard by mistake. When she tries to deliver the postcard to its rightful recipient, he mistakes her for the sender.  Can their friendship survive the lie and the sudden arrival of a stranger?

Love, Sylvia is the inaugural film from independent production company Stone Lane Studio - founded by Jen Viens and Lee Marshall.

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