public speaking and performance coaching

Jen has been practicing as a Public Speaking and Performance coach for over ten years. Her journey began when she designed and facilitated a children's theatre program for a local theatre company in BC. After the class size expanded to over 22 children, she broadened her scope and worked as a drama instructor through the community recreation centre. From there she went on to found her own theatre school and production company, Twisted Tree, and taught drama and acting to children of all ages.

Soon after, she expanded on her experience and abilities as a director and a children's drama teacher, and began coaching children and adults of all ages on a one-on-one basis. Jen began primarily coaching individuals for auditions and roles in film and theatre, but soon realized that the skills required to be a compelling actor were directly transferrable to a public speaking setting.

If you are looking for a facilitator for an acting workshop or intensive, one-on-one audition coaching, or to improve your presentation and pitch techniques in the business sector, get in touch!